Sunday, 6 December 2015

What's the Best Christmas Tree Farm or Shop in or Near Utica NY?

Looking For A Christmas Tree Farm in Utica NY?

The second week of december brings on the holiday rush for christmas tree farms and shops in Utica NY.  There are plenty of options to find the perfect christmas tree in and near Utica NY.  My favorite place is actually located in Marcy NY.  Robertaccio's Tree Farm offers a wide selection of both pre-cut and u cut christmas trees all for a flat rate of $23.00.  

Christmas Tree Farm in Utica NY
Located at 7066 Ives Road Marcy NY, Robertaccio's Christmas tree shop provides a fantastic christmas tree shopping experience.  Looking for blue spruce, balsam, white pine? They have a wide variety of options and sizes that will be sure to fit your unique needs.  

Can I Cut My Own Christmas Tree in Utica NY?

Absolutely, with just a short drive from North Utica, Robertaccio's Christmas Tree Farm boasts over 50 acres of cut your own christmas trees that allow you to hunt and search for the best tree this year.  Robertaccio's has trees of all shapes and sizes, each with a personality all their own.  Looking for short, fat trees? Robertaccio's has them.  What about something 10+ feet for those large great rooms? Robertaccio's has them too.

I've Never Cut My Own Tree....

No problem, saws are provided as well as guidance if you need it.  Saw down your tree and Robertaccio's takes care of the rest.  All trees, regardless of size, are only $23.00.  If you don't find something you like then you still have the option to browse the pre-cut selection.

Looking for more information? Check out Robertaccio's Facebook page for a Christmas Tree Farm in Utica NY